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Ramune Aji (Soda Flavour)

14 Aug

Last year, shortly before my annual summer trip home to Canada, Kit Kat began rolling out new soda flavours with fizzy, powdered flavour pellets embedded among the wafers and chocolate. Ramune Aji (soda flavour) was the first of this type.

It’s very fitting that this was the flavour chosen to kick off this new line of soda bars. Ramune is a ubiquitous summer fixture in Japan, known for its funky glass bottles sealed at the mouth by a marble. Its actual flavour is a bit like lemon-lime (indeed, the name “Ramune” is derived from the English word “lemonade”) although it’s not quite on a par with the likes of Sprite, 7-Up, or Mitsuya Cider. I’ve always found it a little generic to be honest, and have never enjoyed the novelty of the marble because I could never seem to open it without making a huge mess (the soda would always gush out from the mouth and spill all over everything). But the wonderful thing about this Kit Kat variety was that it tasted enough like Ramune while still being a chocolate bar. It was actually one of the more pleasant flavours, and when I brought some to Canada with me for my friends that summer, they all agreed that it was delicious too.

How sad that when I returned to Japan, nearly all traces of Ramune Aji Kit Kat had vanished. Such is the life of a gentei flavour. But even though it had gone so soon, Kit Kat still had Ume (Plum) Soda bars for the rest of the summer season that year, and then again just recently a Cola/Lemon-Lime 2-pack was introduced, which is still available as I write. It’s also the best of the three, which I hope bodes well for seeing more soda flavours in the future.

Ramune Aji Kit Kat was first found by me at a Wellness drug store in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture in July 2009.