Suika (Watermelon)

24 Jul

About two years ago this week, Kit Kat heralded the hot summer season with a new, well-intentioned fruit flavour: Suika (Watermelon in English). While many people around the world can fairly be said to enjoy watermelons, the Japanese really love watermelons. Maybe you’ve heard about their predilection for growing them in cube form and selling them for around $50? (This, I can attest, is true: the last one I saw was selling for 4,950 yen.) Watermelons are indeed exceptionally well-liked here, and not just by the rich; regular, more affordably-shaped and sized varieties abound at every grocer, and lots of candies come in watermelon flavours around this time of year too, such as the Starburst-like Hi-Chew sweets and even the new Suika Soda bottled by Kirin, which debuted in stores just last week.

Watermelon Kit Kat was another such attempt to take a popular food and give it a seasonal spin. Sadly, though, I don’t think it really took off well. It’s among the flavours that elicits the most incredulous gasps of “Ewwwww!” from friends when I tell them about Japanese Kit Kats, and not many people I know who tried it actually liked it. Even I have to admit that it was rather unpleasant for its bitter aftertaste, and I’m usually that guy who likes that Kit Kat you don’t like. It hasn’t made a comeback in any form since.

Like most of the Kit Kat minis I discover, I found it at a YouMe Town grocery store, this time in Hamada, Shimane Prefecture.


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